In Your Home

If you are located in or around Albany, NY, I am available to work directly with you in your home.  I also work remotely with clients all around the US via email, video conferencing and weekly calls.  My services range from general consultations, guidance, and support, all the way to 100% of hands-on in-home work: from basement to attic, every closet, basket and bin.  


I work in any size home and I can customize the work I do to any size budget.  


Moving?  I can work with you to help you prepare for your move.  Decluttering and organizing can add value to your home which especially critical before a house goes on the market.  


Have kids?  I have a significant amount of experience working with families and helping parents overcome the unique organizing challenges that come with having children in the house.  :-) 


Dreaming of a minimalist lifestyle?   I have a lot of resources to offer you as a minimalist lifestyle is a logical next step for many of my clients.

The best way to reach me is to call!  518-451-6933 

Now is the time to get started.  I look forward to working with you!

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