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I am *so* excited that you have decided to purchase this online, self-study course. You are taking the first step towards creating a home that is functional, a home that nourishes your soul and a home that supports your life today. This is huge!

This course includes 18 lessons delivered via YouTube video. Each lesson is generally less than 30 minutes and can be watched as many times as you want. In fact, you get lifetime access to all these lessons when you purchase this self study course.

The lessons include:

1: Human Nature

2: Flow

3: Identity

4: Space

5: Home Organization

6: Decluttering

7: Big Declutter

8: Routine Declutter

9: Recommitting

10-11++: Specific Areas: Electronics, Papers, Pantry, Home Office

(I keep adding lessons to this module as people request them, so there may be more over time!)

14: Recycling Right Now

15: Answer is Less

16: Interior Design and Feng Shui

17: Minimize Before You Maximize

18: The Definitive Guide to Memorabilia

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