How will your life change?

I was recently working in a client's home, helping her organize her kitchen. Her elderly mother was watching the chaos and clutter disappear as the space took shape. Like items were grouped together, old food discarded, and spaces reclaimed from general miscellany. At one point my client's mother stopped me and asked an unexpected question. "How do you know how to do this?" she wondered, "How do you just know where everything goes?"

The answer I provided on the spot was unfortunately meaningless to this kind woman, but it bears repeating here. I often think about my brain as a tetris game. I'm always trying to fit the different pieces together - in organizing, in scheduling, in life. It's how I view a kitchen organizing project, my kids schedules, and, on a grander scale, it's how I view professional organizing and tackling your big life dreams.

Organizing your home is NOT just about making all of your stuff fit - and your brain doesn't have to work like mine does to make it happen. To do it properly - and make it last - you need to start with questions and goals. How does your ideal space make you feel? If you lived in a space that inspired you, how would that change your life? The answers to these questions are achievable goals and the process starts with decluttering. But, it's hard work. Why do you own what you own? What is your criteria for bringing stuff into your home? Is this space a true reflection of who you are? And, how could it be?

How will your life change when you are empowered by your space?

It's the tough questions, yet simple criteria that lead to absolutely life changing results. Making your home a place that brings you joy is empowering - and without even trying things start to fall into place in all aspects of your life after you go through this process. Remove the static and the clear picture emerges. I invite you to join me in an online challenge, or schedule work in your home with me, or attend one of my workshops. Declutter - Organize - Live.

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