Invest in yourself, not in your stuff.

One of my favorite TEDx talks of all time is Mel Robbins Stop Screwing Yourself Over. I'm not alone. Robbins has over 8 million views on this talk and it is one of the top TEDx talks of all time, for a good reason - everything she says is spot on and she offers a very simple solution to help you get what you want: the 5 second rule.

The five second rule essentially says that your brain will have a desire to do something but if you don't act on it within five seconds your brain will put the brakes on and it doesn't happen. (I recommend watching the entire talk, but if you want to jump to the 5 second rule go to 19:04 on the video).

When it comes to dealing with your stuff - your physical stuff - I see the 5-second rule in action all the time. You look at something, you know instantly you don't need it in your life, and then your brain puts the breaks on and you think, "eh, I might as well just hang on to it... in case." You know you should address your overflowing closets, and brimming junk drawer but after five seconds of considering it your brain tells you it's easier to do nothing.

Marie Kondo, author of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and creator the KonMari method of decluttering and organizing, which is the method that I rely heavily on in my work, also talks about this concept. She says that if you hold something you own in your hands you will instantly know that it sparks joy and that it should stay in your life. If you need to hold onto it for more than a few seconds it doesn't spark joy.

I tell my friends, family, and prospective clients all the time to just Jump In. Just do it. You will never regret starting down this path because it will dramatically change your life. Don't let your brain put the brakes on. What end does that serve? Address the physical stuff in your life - all the inanimate objects that require you to take care of them and devote your time and attention to your them. Your stuff is literally weighing you down and preventing you from investing in the most important things in your life: you, your family, your friends, your career, your hobbies.

One of my most favorite Mel Robbins quotes rings true over and over again: Start investing in yourself in meaningful ways, not materialistic ways, and the returns will be with you forever.

Jump in! Contact me today for an in-home consultation, to join a challenge, or to book a workshop. Hurry.... your five seconds is counting down!

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