A Christmas (decluttering!) Story

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also be the most stressful time of the year — especially if you have too many Christmas decorations that have turned into clutter.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Regina, a Clutter Boss who actually joined Clutter Boss Academy with her overwhelming Christmas decorations in mind — she knew she had to learn how to declutter her Christmas decorations once and for all.

Regina began her Christmas decluttering project back in February. During the process, she donated an entire tree plus several bins of decorations. AND, she put her crafting skills to use by making her own decorations by upcycling items she already had in her home.

“Jes kept me motivated throughout my decluttering project. I honestly couldn't stop once I started. One of her sayings is, ‘Be ruthless in creating a home you love.’ That definitely stuck with me. The weekly check in calls were the most helpful to me.

Now I am stress-free preparing for the holidays. I was excited to decorate for Christmas this year. It used to take me a month to get the tree and the house decorated — this year it only took a few hours to get everything done! I am also happy that I have had the time to do some crafts for Christmas decorations this year. I felt like I came full circle with my decluttering once I decorated with my decluttered and organized Christmas decorations.”

Amazing job, Regina! Your home looks festive AND peaceful.

If Regina’s story has inspired you to de-stress this holiday season, then please join us in Clutter Bootcamp!

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