A Mother & Daughter's Decluttering Success

When people join Clutter Foundations, one of the very first things I address is how clutter is NOT your fault! That’s one reason why Clutter Foundations exists, to provide the tools and the correct information on how to declutter once and for all.

I love witnessing the successes and wins in my groups. Especially when these decluttering skills have a positive impact on the whole family.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features MaryMargaret, a Clutter Foundations member who finally stopped butting heads with her 12-year-old daughter over her messy room. By sharing the skills she learned in Clutter Foundations, MaryMargaret helped her daughter declutter her bedroom to create a space that both mom and daughter are proud of and comfortable in!

“My daughter’s bedroom had been in various stages of disaster for a LONG time. I would repeatedly spend a day helping her tidy it, only to return the next day to everything torn apart again. I just got so frustrated with the room, the mess — and with her. I was overwhelmed and I’d snap at her for letting it get out of hand, AGAIN!

The thing is, what was annoying to me was just as frustrating to her, and her own overwhelm caused her to shut down. It took me a long time to realize she really was trying, but she didn't have the skills to clean it all up. She didn't know where to start and I wasn't helping by guilting her into cleaning up.

The Clutter Foundations Facebook group was the most helpful to me because I saw how others felt about their clutter. A common theme I’ve noticed is the feeling of not knowing where to start, or how to overcome the feelings of overwhelm. So, I read many of the suggestions and comments by members and that gave me some insight into my daughter's feelings that she wasn't able to vocalize for herself.

Her room is still a work in progress, but more importantly, we’ve made progress with our relationship as mom and daughter. I am better able to help guide her to independence as I help her to work through the feelings associated with clutter.”

Fantastic job, MaryMargaret! We’re all incredibly proud of you, and your daughter!

How has clutter impacted your most important relationships? If MaryMargeret’s story has inspired you to take back control in your home, then please join us in Clutter Foundations!

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