A Simple Solution for 2020 Living

We’ve all had to adapt to new standards for public health and safety this year. A huge part of this is wearing masks. Like it or not, it has to be done, so why not set yourself up for success with an efficient reusable mask process?

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Karen, a Clutter Boss who inspired our Prioritize Your Sanity community with her ingenious reusable mask station!

One thing I teach in Prioritize Your Sanity is: “Don’t let your Drop Zones become Stay Zones.” Meaning, those areas where you drop things as you come into your home or go about your day should be organized on a daily basis to avoid clutter piling up.

Another unique thing about Prioritize Your Sanity is that we never recommend purchasing fancy “organizers.” My goal is for you to consume less, consume responsibly, to save money, and not bring MORE items into your already cluttered home (stop the flow!). This is one major reason why people feel defeated in other attempts at decluttering!

Karen handled her reusable mask situation beautifully and effectively by practicing these two principles.

“Our reusable masks were constantly getting dropped on our kitchen counter next to the door. I had to solve the issue as it was messy and unhygienic. I wanted us all to have clean masks accessible, and a place to safely leave the used masks for washing.

I was also working to ‘stop the flow’ of new items into the house. So I channeled my inner MacGyver and used items we already had to make our version of a mask station.

The mask station works for us and we continue to use it. We no longer spend time searching for a clean mask as we’re trying to leave the house. It’s also a visual cue when we are low on clean masks (empty clips/filled bucket) and we need to wash them. No more ‘Moooommmm... I need a mask!’ Or ‘Where is my mask?’ Our counter is no longer a mask drop zone.”

GREAT work, Karen!

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