Boxes and Rings

🔥 Meet our Consistency Queen, Marie! She’s a Clutter Boss who has recently inspired our community by smashing not just one, but TWO MAJOR GOALS this summer! 🔥

Goal #1: One box at a time (x5) 🤩 During the month of June, Marie cleared one box of clutter each day. She enlisted the help of her family of five, so not only was it a great bonding activity, together they donated over 150 boxes!! 👉 Decluttering is infectious - success in one area of your life leads to success in other areas of your life. GOAL #2: Closing activity rings 🤩 After hitting her June goal for one box a day (which she continued into July), Marie was ready to tackle another big goal: closing all her activity rings on her Apple watch for the entire month of July.

“Making the decision to get rid of a box of stuff every day was made possible by the support of the Clutter Boss Academy community. We cheer each other along and brainstorm solutions together whenever anyone feels stuck or overwhelmed. When I closed all the rings on my watch every day for a month I felt like I had finally established a habit of making movement and exercise a priority. It feels good to take better care of myself.” said Marie. Marie is an excellent example of how consistency in achieving small daily goals can add up to BIG success over time. And once you start decluttering your home, you start to tackle clutter in all its forms in your life, and your life naturally improves in other amazing ways. 🌟 Congratulations, Marie. The Clutter Boss community is so proud of you! Do you know someone who could use some inspiration? Feel free to forward this email! Marie, and all our Clutter Bosses, started her successful decluttering journey in Clutter Bootcamp. You can get started in Bootcamp and start crushing all the goals in your life right now! Has Marie inspired you to tackle a goal? Leave a comment below!

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