Destigmatizing Clutter and Hoarding

Clutter is today's social ill, and American homes are in a state of crisis.  Every day my work brings me into contact with families that are struggling - literally drowning under a sea of clutter and overwhelmed by the accompanying stress.  And you know what?  I can relate.  As a mom of two kids in 2018, the siege of stuff in our life is relentless; it takes up my valuable time and energy to stay on top of it.  I know how easy it is for a home to go from manageable to overwhelming. 

The fact is that we can ALL relate to this - which is why I find it downright mind-boggling that there remains such a stigma about cluttered homes.  The stigma is so great that I regularly have clients who are embarrassed to let me (or anyone else) into their homes.  Clients who hire me, secretly.  Clients who call me for a year before finally booking an appointment.  Clients who need real help and support and are ashamed to ask for it.

It's time that we break down the barriers that prevent people from getting the help that they need.

Decluttering is not just throwing out stuff.  It is examining your life, challenging your long-held beliefs, coming face to face with past decisions.  It's preparing for a transition, and it's (finally) completing a transition.  It's making room for change and growth.  It's complicated.  It's scary.  It's emotional.  

Decluttering is a process that needs to start with compassion and understanding.  I am on a mission to destigmatize cluttered homes and hoarding tendencies.  I invite you to join me.  If you are struggling with these issues, remember to be kind to yourself.  If you have friends and family members who are struggling, lend an ear and help them find the resources they need to get through this difficult problem.

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