From Freezer Avalanche to Creative Cooking!

What happens when you open up your pantry or your freezer?

  1. Nothing! These spaces are decluttered and organized. I can quickly and easily identify the food items I have available.

  2. A small avalanche falls on my head every time I open the door because it’s so full. And there are probably science experiments growing in there if I look hard enough.

If your answer is #2, it’s OK! Prioritize Your Sanity has the tools and support you need to stop the pantry/freezer avalanche.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Suzi, a Prioritize Your Sanity member who recently CRUSHED a pantry decluttering challenge. And, she saved approximately $200 in one month by eating down her pantry and freezer instead of hitting up the drive-thru.

Before she joined the pantry challenge to declutter the food storage areas in her kitchen, Suzi had a kitchen full of various foods in various stages — multiple open bags of chips, open boxes of pasta, food stashed in the freezer "to be eaten later" only to be forgotten — and it became overwhelming. So instead of meal planning with the items she already had at home, she’d just dash out to the drive-thru.

Then Suzi decided to sign up for the pantry challenge in the Prioritize Your Sanity Facebook group. “I feel great satisfaction from creating meals using what I have at home! By planning my meals, I no longer waste 30+ minutes driving to multiple eating establishments, plus I’m saving money. I used to spend a minimum of $10 on fast food for a meal. This challenge has renewed my creative cooking. I enjoy the monthly decluttering challenges in the Prioritize Your Sanity group. If it’s something I’m up for, I go for it! Posting in the group and getting support and feedback is so motivating. This community is so helpful!”

Amazing job, Suzi! We are all so proud of you. Your posts inspire creative cooking… and makes us hungry!

YOU deserve to have a kitchen that sets you up for success each day. If Suzi’s story has inspired you today, then please join us in Clutter Bootcamp!

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