From Havoc to Haven

*This girl is on fire!* She’s been actively decluttering her home for the past year, but she really kicked it up a notch over the holiday break when she cleared bags and bags of items from her children’s rooms. And, she finally tackled a very emotional spot for her — her bedroom.

This week’s Sunday Success Story features Ariella, a Clutter Boss who has been inspiring the community with her progress on these bedrooms!

The clutter in her own bedroom evoked negative emotions such as stress, shame, and anxiety. She desperately wanted a bedroom to unwind and relax in. The clutter was not just affecting Ariella — it was also taking a toll on her marriage, and her health. She didn’t realize how the clutter was ultimately affecting her ability to sleep, and her ability to wake up with a positive mindset.

She knew she had to take the steps to tackle this room once and for all — for her own peace of mind, for her marriage, and for her health.

“Clutter Boss Academy is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The platform that Jes has created allowed me to feel safe, to let my guard down, to be honest with others without judgment, and especially to be honest with myself. I realized I'm not alone, that there are others here that ‘get me.’ I could relate to the stories, fears, and struggles shared by my fellow CBA family.

The more you engage with CBA, the more you take away from it. For me, the coaching calls are a huge part of my success. You draw strength and inspiration from celebrating both small and large wins, whether your own or others. You’re supported and coached through any setbacks you may encounter. Learning how to approach and deal with a setback has been a key tool to contributing to my long-term success.

My bedroom is now my haven. The changes for me have been monumental! I no longer go to sleep feeling the excess weight of the room on me. I enjoy spending time in my beautiful grownup space unwinding. I sleep better now as well as wake up with more clarity. I used to dread opening my eyes and getting out of bed — that is no longer my story!”

WOW, Ariella! You’ve done a fantastic job and we’re all so proud of you!

You deserve a haven in your bedroom, just like Ariella. If Ariella’s story has inspired you to take back control in your home, then please join us in Clutter Foundations!

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