From Storage Space to Functional Space

It's time for another Sunday Success Story from our incredible community!

Oftentimes, the clutter in our home is more than just stuff. It’s a physical barrier to taking small risks that could potentially change our lives for the better.

Clutter Boss Academy is a program that offers SO much more than just how to organize your home. Most of our members have taken advantage of the amazing benefits CBA has to offer, such as access to a therapist and coaching in the areas of health & wellness and mindset work.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Erica, a Clutter Boss Academy member who has had amazing results with reclaiming space and sanity in her home, AND increasing her income from her business as an acupuncture physician!

Erica had a room in her house that was just dead space. It turned into a storage room for various things, among which were antique furniture from her mother’s family that she had never used.

Erica needed encouragement and permission to empty out that room and transform it, which meant having a difficult conversation with her mother. Leaning on the Clutter Boss Academy group for support, Erica remained strong and moved the unused furniture back to her mother’s house. This freed up the room (and Erica’s mind!) to transform it into a functional office space for her whole family!

“Clutter Boss Academy was very helpful in many ways, but I think Jes really helped the most by coming (virtually) in, and asking for a video of the room and a drawing with measurements. She helped me eliminate large pieces of furniture that I wasn’t using, and reorganize what was left.

Now this office space allows me and my family to be more efficient and effective in all aspects of home and work life.

I’m really empowered by the coaching aspect of CBA. I raised my prices and stand firm knowing that I am worth it. I don’t compare myself to others and what they charge. I have finally recognized how many slots I have to fill and they are filling up! The cool part is I’m totally ok with it. I now know it’s ok if I don’t win every single person who calls.”

YOU deserve to live in a home that works for you and your family. YOU deserve to feel empowered in your career and in your relationships.

If Erica’s story has inspired you today, then please join us in Clutter Bootcamp!

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