From Stressful to Successful!

This week’s Sunday Success Story features an awesome Clutter Boss, Gina!

Even though Gina had a home office setup, she spent her time working from the dining room. Why? Because her home office space was also her daughter’s playroom. For Gina, this room was more of a constant source of stress and it was nearly impossible to focus on work.

Knowing she had to figure out a solution for this room, Gina turned to the Clutter Bootcamp community for support.

“Clutter Bootcamp got me started on the basics, but Clutter Boss Academy really helped me make progress. All of the support is amazing in its own way. The coaching and check-in calls really made the difference in making me feel empowered to get it done.

When I was finished, I couldn’t wait to work in my new home office!! I was way more productive! I was excited every day to get started. The final touch to the room was the floor installation which was done one day before I left on vacation. I actually couldn’t wait to get back and start working in my new office! How crazy is that!!??

My office has become a relaxing place for me to enjoy and have to myself! It has become one of my favorite rooms of the house. That room transformed from a place of stress to a place of success and calm!”

Way to go, Gina! Your home office looks so calm. The Clutter Boss community is so proud of you!

YOU deserve to have a home office that sets you up for success each day. If Gina’s story has inspired you today, then please join us in Clutter Bootcamp!

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