Mindset Work & Decluttering

Mindset work is a huge part of coaching in Clutter Boss Academy. Time and time again, we’ve celebrated the successes of our members in their decluttering and life journeys. Almost always at the root of success is a necessary shift in mindset. It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished with just some simple tweaks in how we approach an overwhelming situation!

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Anca, a busy mom and Clutter Boss who has been actively decluttering her whole home. Read on to learn how Anca shifted her mindset, got inspired on a Clutter Boss Academy coaching call to declutter her kitchen, and took back control over a major drop zone while gaining precious mental clarity.

“Before I started decluttering my kitchen I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and annoyed because it became such a mess again. Our kitchen, especially our table and counters are constant drop zones so they require the most picking up.

Colleen, our accountability coach, challenged me to take a before and after picture of my kitchen. I wasn't planning to post the pictures because the before felt so messy but I decided to take it so that I could see my progress.

It also helped me to take a step back and remember that the mess occurred because we had a full weekend and hadn't kept up with picking up. (Gratitude is a powerful motivator!)

I decided to prioritize my tasks by tackling meal prep, cooking and putting away laundry first. Then I planned to spend 10 minutes picking up the rest of the kitchen. I set a one-hour timer to get my cooking and meal prep done and decided to make it into a challenge of "beat the timer" to see how much I could get accomplished in 60 minutes.

Not only did I finish my meal prep and most of my cooking in that hour — I also unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and cleaned out my fridge! Seeing how much I got done in that hour motivated me to set the timer for another 30 minutes to pull the kitchen together as well as finish up my last load of laundry. I accomplished all that and some decluttering.

When I was done not only did I feel proud, but I was really surprised at how much I was able to accomplish simply by giving myself an hour to focus on my tasks. I shifted my perspective from thinking I had too much to do to asking myself, how much could I get done? I was accomplishing a few small goals, instead of being overwhelmed by the whole thing. I realized that this is one method that works really well for me and keeps me motivated and focused.”

Amazing mindset work, Anca! We’re all incredibly proud of you, and we appreciate you sharing your experience.

If Anca’s story has inspired you to take back control in your home, then please join us in Clutter Foundations to learn how to shift your mindset for success!

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