Rearranging: Simple tweaks, BIG results!

" definition of clutter is anything that impedes movement.

Clutter can be physical, mental, emotional, or financial. Clutter isn’t always an obvious mess or piles of unorganized commingled things. Sometimes, a room can appear neat but it is cluttered in its arrangement because the flow of it impedes movement.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Lisa, a Clutter Boss who is actively working on decluttering her entire home. Lisa’s guest room is small, with a beautiful view of a cherry tree just outside of a large window. Before, the bed was in front of the window and against the wall. It was cute and cozy but extremely compact. Plus, it was difficult to make the bed and uncomfortable for two people to sleep in it. It felt cramped and claustrophobic.

“On a coaching call, Jes discussed furniture arrangement and she described the exact problem areas in my guest bedroom. I learned to not block access to the window in a room. You should be able to walk up to a window, and the window should allow air into the room. I also learned that rooms shouldn't have the bed against a wall so that it's not accessible on both sides, which makes it difficult to strip the bedding and to remake it!

I rearranged my guest room by moving the bed so that it’s fully accessible. It opened up the area in front of the window. I removed the chair and a lot of the baskets and knick-knacks.

My guest room now feels much more roomy and airy! I can easily make the bed and can walk up to open the window to view the cherry tree. It still has its coziness and charm but feels more spacious! My girlfriend stayed for the weekend and couldn't wait to sleep in it. She said she had the best sleep and woke up refreshed and ready for a new day! All in a beautiful setting!”

Lisa, we are SO proud of you for putting these furniture arrangement principles to work in your home! Your guests will surely appreciate the comfort and the gorgeous view.

If Lisa’s story has inspired you to learn more about the best furniture arrangement in your home, then please join us in Clutter Bootcamp!

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