Reclaiming the Bonus Room

Is there a room in your house that you’re ashamed of because it’s so cluttered?

You know. The room that you don’t let anyone into?

I see this with most of my clients. It starts with a room or an area in the house that turns into a “drop zone.” It contains a little bit of this and a little bit of that, mostly items that don’t have a specific spot in your home.

Only, if it’s left unattended for too long, the clutter turns into a “stay zone” and that’s when it gets overwhelming to tackle.

This week’s Sunday Success Story features Carolyn, a Clutter Boss Academy member who was ready to reclaim her bonus room from clutter!

One of the reasons Carolyn bought this house was because of the unique bonus room that floated on its own level above the garage. However, over the years it became so cluttered that Carolyn couldn’t even walk inside of it. She grew ashamed of this room, and never allowed guests to see it even though everyone was intrigued by the mystery staircase leading to it.

Thankfully, Carolyn joined the Clutter Boss Academy community and found the support she needed to begin decluttering this space.

“Clutter Boss Academy helped me tremendously in getting that room done! All of these principles we learned were so helpful:

  • ‘Floor space is not storage space.’

  • ‘Done is better than perfect.’

  • ‘One box at a time.’

I watched videos as I cleaned. It helped pass the time and kept me motivated. Seeing other member’s before/after decluttering pictures helped, and knowing that I could post my pictures helped, too! Now that I'm finished, I'm so proud and happy. I love being in that room!”

Carolyn also redid the stairway, which turned into an homage to her late father as she covered the risers in his antique license plate collection. What a clever and functional way to honor his memory!

Has Carolyn inspired you to reclaim a bonus room? It all starts with Clutter Bootcamp!

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