Relieved & Happy to Have My Bedroom Back

This week’s Sunday Success Story features Heather, a single mom and Clutter Foundations member who recently ROCKED her bedroom decluttering project!

Heather’s clutter stemmed from a downsizing move with her young son a few years ago. When her son had to switch to distance learning, Heather tackled the clutter in her living areas first so that her son had a clutter-free place for school. But that only meant that the clutter moved from the living room into Heather’s bedroom. The effects of all this clutter in her bedroom forced Heather to sleep in a chair in the living room. Her bedroom no longer felt like a place to rest; it felt chaotic, overwhelming, and depressing.

Heather knew she had to do something to take back her bedroom, but she didn’t know where to begin. Although she normally doesn’t click on Facebook ads, something told her to click on the ad for Clutter Foundations.

“I joined Clutter Foundations and started with the videos right away. I love the simplicity of it — you only have a certain amount of space. If your stuff doesn’t fit in it, then it’s too much to keep. I loved the simple but direct instructions from Jes. The private Facebook group is motivating for me. Since it’s private, I don’t have to worry about my photos or comments being public. Seeing the other members’ before & after photos gave me real hope that I could pull this off, too… that I could finally get my bedroom decluttered!

I put on cheerful music and got started. As you can see from my ‘before’ photos, I had a big job ahead of me. You won’t believe this, but it only took me about two hours! All of this stuff either was put away, trashed, recycled, or donated. All of this stuff actually found a place.

My relief is hard to describe. I am not ashamed or feeling the need to hide this mess — not anymore! I am relieved and happy to have my bedroom back. Clutter Foundations is not just a temporary fix, it’s a new way of life. I’m looking forward to a decluttered and organized future.”

AMAZING job, Heather! We’re all so proud of you!

You deserve a restful bedroom, just like Heather. If her story has inspired you to take back control in your home, then please join us in Clutter Foundations!

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