Space to heal: A mother & daughter’s decluttering journey.

This week’s Sunday Success Story features Tara, an amazingly inspiring single mom and a Clutter Boss Academy member. Tara’s story is a testament to how the process of decluttering can be beneficial in healing trauma and grief.

This nook in the center of Tara’s house turned into an accumulation of 9 years worth of toys. Tara felt overwhelmed, and was unable to relax in her living room because she could see the building clutter. In the meantime, she used her kitchen table as her office and homework area, and could only use one half of her table for eating meals.

Tara and her 9 year old daughter, Reese, decided to declutter and turn this toy avalanche into an office/studio space. They got to work and spent two solid days clearing out the room.

In the middle of the project, it felt overwhelming because the living room was now full of stuff to sort through. But Tara knew exactly where to turn — to the Clutter Boss Academy Facebook group — and got the real-time support she needed to finish decluttering!

“I have honestly tried to declutter all of my life. I was a "military brat" and moved every 2-3 years until high school. I have always held on to things. I’ve purchased so many decluttering books over the years, but nothing stuck!

I found Jes and CBA at the perfect time in my life. My fiancé passed away 2 years ago unexpectedly, so I had acquired all of his things in my growing clutter as well. My daughter and I were healing but it was so much harder with mountains of stuff.

Clutter Boss Academy gives practical ‘real world’ advice. I listen to the calls, lessons, and podcasts when I am walking, cleaning or decluttering. The combination of Jes Marcy's ‘real life’ support, the Facebook group support, and the lessons made it stick this time! Knowing my own personality, I know that I need someone to be accountable to. The Facebook group and the calls hold you accountable.

To now have our Office/Studio Space as Reese calls it... it feels so good to walk into our home and have the kitchen space organized because the table is now clean. It makes my heart feel lighter to go to my desk and teach my Zoom classes. And with quarantine and virtual school, I don’t know what I would have done if we had to do it in the chaos of the cluttered space.”

Tara, the Clutter Boss Academy community is SO proud of you and Reese. We continue to be in awe of your positive and upbeat attitude, no matter what is happening around you. You are truly an inspiration!

YOU deserve to live in a home that works for you and your family. YOU deserve to create the space to heal and move forward.

If Tara’s story has inspired you today, then please join us in Clutter Bootcamp!

Tara's "Better" Picture!

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