The WEIGHT of Clutter vs. the LIGHTNESS of Decluttering

Somehow, decluttering our homes can make us feel a physical relief in our bodies — as if a weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

It’s not exactly a mystery. It’s all clutter, and it’s all connected.

This week’s Sunday Success Story features Jeni, a Clutter Boss who has been making incredible strides in decluttering her home.

Jeni had a good start on organizing her wrapping center, in that everything needed to wrap gifts lived in one location in her house. However, this area was always a cluttered, disorderly mess that caused too much stress. As Jeni said, “I could close the door, but I still knew chaos was in there.” Even her family made comments every time a present had to be wrapped.

Jeni knew she had to tackle this area, and decided to gift herself and her family some peace of mind. So she got to work and pulled everything out.

“What helped me most with decluttering this area was the knowledge, the patience, and the mindset change that I learned from Clutter Boss Academy. It was a combination of coaching calls, decluttering info, and the whole support from within the group itself.

I can't believe it took so long for me to address this unorderly area. But, I pulled everything out over the holidays and found it was actually easy to downsize. After a while, this process kicks in and it's so easy to say goodbye to clutter. I had way too much stuff.

I can now open that door and smile and BREATHE. The best part of getting rid of the clutter is feeling light and able to breathe. Decluttering feels like lifting tons of weight off your shoulders, back, chest… it’s just a feeling of lightness.”

Great job, Jeni! Your work has made wrapping gifts so much easier now. We’re all incredibly proud of you!

You deserve to feel the weight of clutter lifted off your shoulders, just like Jeni. If her story has inspired you to take back control in your home, then please join us in Clutter Foundations!

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