What if You Loved EVERYTHING in Your Closet?

When you open or walk into your closet, how do you feel?

  1. It feels good! I know exactly where the clothing is I need for the day.

  2. GAH!! It’s overflowing and overwhelming. I have to dig to find an outfit.

Listen, if you answered #2 — it’s OK! You’re certainly not alone. Our closets are an easy target for clutter.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Samantha, a Clutter Boss who decided to take back control over her bedroom closet, once and for all!

Looking at her closet made Samantha feel overwhelmed, extremely stressed, out of control, and like a failure. She also had clothing clutter in other spots in her bedroom and bathroom. She knew she needed a change here.

Samantha began by emptying out her entire closet. She sorted through every piece of clothing, whether it was in her closet or in another pile. Then, she put back only the items she absolutely loved. When she was finished, she treated herself to some velvet hangers to make it look even more simplified and organized.

No more wasting time on “what am I going to wear?!” Every article of clothing in Samantha’s closet is one that she enjoys wearing.

“Joining Clutter Boss Academy has helped me in so many ways, be it coaching, decluttering tips, or advice. But most of all, I have been encouraged, helped, and lifted up by an incredibly supportive and non-judgmental group under the leadership of one amazing woman: Jes Marcy.

I felt fabulous once I had finished! I now have control over my clothes rather than the other way around. And I’ve reclaimed one of my most valuable resources: time. The time that it takes to look for things has reduced and the time I can spend with my children has increased!”

That’s how it’s done, Samantha!

You deserve a closet that doesn’t waste your time. If Samantha’s story has inspired you to take back control in your home, then please join us in Clutter Foundations!

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