When decluttering leads to Johns Hopkins!

It's time for another Sunday Success Story from our incredible community!

Myth or Fact: Decluttering is a process that can build confidence in other areas of your life.


Clutter Bootcamp is unlike any other decluttering and home organizing program. Why? Because not only does it teach you successful methods of decluttering in a safe and non-judgemental way, but it also addresses the why behind the clutter in your home, and how to shift your mindset to build more confidence in making decisions that impact your life.      

🔥This week’s Sunday Success Story features Skyler, a Clutter Bootcamp member who is reclaiming space and sanity in her home AND building the confidence to make life-changing choices!

🤩 Skyler grew up in clutter. So when she moved into her own place, it felt normal for her to cocoon herself in lots of stuff. Finally, when the pandemic hit and she was furloughed from her job, the clutter got worse and became overwhelming.    Skyler tried reading decluttering books and would accomplish some decluttering, but it never stuck. The clutter kept coming back. That’s why Skyler joined the Prioritize Your Sanity community, where she found the support she needed to begin decluttering her home, and where she’s learning to keep it clutter-free.     "Before Clutter Bootcamp, one of the things that made me lose motivation in previous decluttering attempts was thinking I had to just do it all in one go. Clutter Bootcamp taught me that you have to take smaller chunks over a longer amount of time to make lasting progress. The Facebook group is so supportive and a place to share triumphs and hiccups along the way.

Seeing the floors in my living room, dining room, and bedroom again, and making the choice to get rid of a really sentimental couch that was in awful shape and that I never used, was really the turning point for me in realizing that I CAN get rid of the hard stuff and make a dent in the mountain of clutter in my home. I don’t feel like there’s such a weight pressing down on me anymore. I feel like I can breathe again. After doing Clutter Bootcamp, the accomplishment of making so much progress on my house gave me the confidence to apply to grad school at Johns Hopkins. So I did. And I got in! Opening up space in my home left more room to fill up with opportunities in my life."

Has Skylar inspired you to reclaim a room in your house? The best time to start is RIGHT NOW, and It all starts with Clutter Bootcamp!

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