When Decluttering Mail Pays Off!

Getting mail seems like a chore for us nowadays — mostly, it’s filled with junk and things that aren’t relevant to us which makes it an easy clutter culprit. Think about how quickly your mail can pile up. And when the pile gets too big, it can definitely feel overwhelming to think about sorting through it.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Success Story features Mary, a Prioritize Your Sanity member who decided to take back control over her mail pile, once and for all!

Mary’s mail was a hidden clutter. It wasn’t in plain sight all of the time. It was hidden in closets, which took up so much space that items that were meant to be stored in closets were around the house elsewhere — so Mary’s hidden mail clutter caused visible clutter in other areas of her home.

The mail was in the closet because she was in the habit of quickly sweeping unopened mail (and all other clutter) into bags and then stuffing it into closets before people came over to her house. First things first, Mary knew she had to bring all of this clutter to light.

“The ‘before’ picture was when I pulled my hidden clutter out into the open. To see all of my hidden mess laid out like that… it made me cringe. I had no idea that I had THAT MANY BAGS filled with unopened mail. Good grief!

I started the process by doing the week-long Clutter Bootcamp, and I continued on for two months until it was finished. In years past I’d been intimidated by the hidden clutter because I honestly didn’t know where to put things away. So, I just concentrated on the most basic things I remembered from Bootcamp – I needed to get things OUT of my house, and then ‘put like items with like.’

With that in mind, getting rid of the mail was pretty straightforward. I kept it simple – Keep, Recycle, or Shred. All of those bags got condensed into one small box of Keep, which I now have room for in my desk file drawer. I even found about $200 in uncashed checks, rebates, and gift cards along the way.

One other benefit of tackling and finishing my ‘unopened mail project’ is that, once I dug into it, it wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it would be. The dread of the unknown plus my lack of knowledge on how to break it down really paralyzed me over the years. But now that I tackled that one area I know I can make good strides with the rest of my house.”

That’s how it’s done, Mary! Decluttering one area of your home has an awesome trickle effect on other areas of your home.

If Mary’s story has inspired you to take back control in your home, then please join us in Clutter Bootcamp!

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