You asked for it...and I am listening!

The Clutter Boss At Home Self Study Course is perfect for anyone who has completed Bootcamp and is ready for the next step, but not interested in the full commitment of joining Clutter Boss Academy.


The Clutter Boss At Home Self Study Course includes:

  • 7 Modules with 40+ video lessons covering EVERYTHING (and I mean everything)
  • A workbook with action steps and printable quotes 
  • Lifetime Access to all the material


The modules:

  1. Deep Dive into Declutter and Organizing (8 lessons)
  2. Stuff: The Big Picture (3 lessons)
  3. Specific Spaces and Collections (16 lessons including Paper and Memorabilia)
  4. Your Brain on Clutter - all the mindset material you need for lasting success (9 lessons)
  5. Productivity and Tidying (5 lessons)
  6. Relationships (3 lessons)
  7. Additonal Resources - recommended reading and a watchlist

Clutter Boss At Home Self Study Course


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