The Ridiculous Simple Paper System


Guide to Tackling Memorabilia


People always ask me: "Jes, what do I do with all my paper and memorabilia? I'm SO overwhelmed by all this paper. Help!!!" So I've put together the ULTIMATE system - the Ridiculously Simple Paper System and Guide to Tackling Memorabilia. This system is so easy to follow and implement that it doesn't matter just how many piles, stacks, bins, and boxes of paper and memorabilia you have, you can and will tackle it!


You get:

-Printable 12 page workbook

-Action steps

-System Flow Charts

-4 Video Lessons


The sooner you get a handle on your paper and memorabilia, the better. Why not start now?


Paper and Memorabilia Lesson Package

  • The Workbook is a PDF file and the videos are available on private links on YouTube.

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