What Clients Say


Organizing my home with Jes was truly a magical experience. Not only did we organize-we donated, we threw away, we recycled, we cleared space in our home to bring in a new beginning. Now we're remodeling, relationships are more harmonious and there's a greater sense of peace within our home. You'll be fully supported through the process!!!

Jennifer W.


Jes is fantastic at what she does! I've been struggling to tackle several large projects, and with Jes's help and expertise, I've completed 2 of them, and purged so much unwanted stuff from my home. She is quick to communicate, reliable, friendly, and well versed in her skill set. She is fantastic to work with, so kind, and very patient. I will continue to work with her until all my projects are complete! Highly recommend!

Nicole B.


I would say absolutely do it! It is a life changing experience and can only make your life better. Don’t be embarrassed by the state of your house or how daunting and overwhelming the task seems. It does take time, possibly a lot of time, but it’s so worth it in ways you won’t even know until you go through the experience. I would also say don’t fear that Jes will “make you” get rid of things. She has never forced me to do so, only talked through why I’m holding on to things and encouraged and supported me to let go when it felt appropriate to me.

Colleen B.