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Reducing waste can feel overwhelming and insignificant.  It's not!!  My workshops offer practical strategies you can implement today to reduce waste in all areas of your life.  Contact me to learn more about bringing one of my signature workshops to your office.

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What I've learned as a Profesional Organizer:
What flows into our homes is ultimately more important that what flows out of our homes.
When I began working as a Professional Organizer, it didn't take long for me to understand the importance of reducing waste in our homes.  It might seem that my work with clients is all about decluttering what they already own. Decluttering is the first step, but the magic happens when clients are able to make real changes moving forward - and these changes always start with being mindful about purchases before you make them.
It turns out that what is good for our homes is also good for the environment.  I began to experiment with dramatically reducing waste in my own house and the impact on our lives was so dramatic that I naturally began to work with others on waste reduction as well.  Waste reduction has become a huge part of my professional life.  I offer workshops and seminars on all different aspects of reducing waste - from practical, everyday steps you can begin right now, to overhauling your pantry, changing your habits, and even growing your own food hydroponically.
This page is a small sampling of the different areas I've explored with reducing waste.  Check out my resources, connect with me, and learn from me and with me.  Together we can actually make a difference.

Garbage Art  Food

My journey using single-use plastic and glass (garbage) as an artistic growing medium for food.


Learn how to grow vegetables in your home using materials you already have on hand.


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Videos, Articles and other Inspiration that helped me get started.

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the best thing we can do for the earth is conume less starting immediately

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