What service is right for you?

Services Offered

In Home Consultation

A consultation in your home can be a good place to start if you are not sure what level of support you need.  My consultations generally last for 1-2 hours.  This is a great way for us to get to know one another and see if my services are a good fit for you.  You will learn more about the methods I use for decluttering and organizing and I will share a lot of my fundamental principles with you.  We will tour your home, examine your storage, and I will offer solutions to your organizing problems based on your situation.


A consultation is sometimes all that a client needs.  In other cases, the consultation is the perfect start to our work together and allows time to establish goals and a schedule.  ​

Working Remotely with Clients

Technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it enables us to work together remotely!  All of my services can be modified to work with you via facetime, skype, email and text messaging.  Contact me today to find out more about working remotely with me.

Speaking Engagements

Do you belong to a group that would benefit from learning more about decluttering and organizing?  I'd love to speak with them!  I have done speaking engagements with all different types of groups and organizations - everything from local PTAs to Downsizing Seminars and everything in between.  Contact me to book me for a speaking engagement!

Real Estate Consultation

Are you preparing for a move?  A real estate consultation is an hour long consultation in your home.  We prioritize your sanity during the listing process, so you are on top of your schedule, keeping your house clean and tidy, and decluttering to prepare for the move.  I help you identify priority areas that will increase the marketability of your home and ultimately bring in a higher selling price.  I help you figure out where to start decluttering to get your home market ready and establish the best order to work in. 


A consultation might be all you need to get your house ready for the market.  If you prefer to work with me further after the consultation, you may hire me to help with decluttering or to help you organize your move.  Hourly in-home rates would apply moving forward.

Estates and Family Archives

Family heirlooms and family archival material can be confusing and emotional to deal with.  I can help!  With my extensive background in archival science, I can help you figure out what is important to keep, and how to organize it and store it correctly for longevity.  Please contact me for more details and pricing.

Hourly In Home Work

Some clients need just a little bit of support as they work through the decluttering and organizing process.  Generally, in these cases, I have a relationship with the client and they keep me posted about their progress.  When they get stuck they ask me to come in for an hour or two to help them work through the problem area.​

Decluttering and Organizing Session (5-7 hours)

During a decluttering and organizing session, I work one-on-one with you, and we go systematically through your home, one collection at a time.  The sessions typically last for 5-7 hours, although I have done shorter and longer.  We tackle the clutter together and I provide support each step of the way.   The goal of these sessions is not just to clear the clutter.  I teach you critical skills to maintain a clutter-free home forever.  Clients describe our work together as "life-changing."​


Throughout the year I offer workshops on all sorts of topics related to decluttering, organizing, and dealing with emotional clutter.  In the past, I've done workshops on:

  • Basics of Home Decluttering and Organizing

  • Organizing Your Family Archives

  • Dealing with Kids and Clutter

  • Vision Boarding

  • Blended Families and Creating Space

  • Downsizing 

  • and more...


I offer workshops in different locations throughout the Capital District and I also am happy to do a workshop in the comfort of your own home with all your friends!  Contact me for more workshop information.

Guided Online Challenges

I run lots of different online challenges.  Some of the groups that I moderate are free, others are paid challenges.  Three times a year I run a 12-week Decluttering and Organizing Challenge in a private group on Facebook.  Click to find out more.  Follow me on Facebook to find out about other groups and challenges as they pop up during the year!


When you begin to address your physical clutter you start addressing all sorts of other clutter in your life - emotional, spiritual, financial, social, etc.  I am able to provide my clients with coaching support to get through all the ups and downs of decluttering in every aspect of your life.  Contact me to customize a coaching plan that works best for you.

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