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Basics of Home Organization

Has the stuff in your home become a source of stress in your life? It doesn't need to be this way! Come and learn the skills to take control of the clutter and create a house that is truly a home. Jes will help you figure out where to start and how to move forward during this fun and enlightening workshop.

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The Answer is Less

Mass production and hyper-consumerism are wreaking havoc on our health, our homes, our wallets, and the environment. This workshop will examine some of the underlying reasons we consume so much and explore different, practical strategies to help you start consuming less.

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Rethinking Holiday Traditions

Families around the globe are "greening" their holiday traditions, and you can too! If you are wishing for a more intentional, sustainable holiday season this year, this workshop is for you.  

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Advanced Home Organization

This is a day long workshop where participants dig deeper into the skills required to maintain a decluttered and organized their homes (and lives) forever. Participants also learn the basics of feng shui and furniture placement to create spaces that nourish your soul in your home.

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Kids and Clutter

Parenting today is cluttered with so much stuff and obligations. It doesn't need to be this stressful! Learn to effectively communicate with your children about clutter and set them up for success in school (and life!). Clear your life of distractions and build a supportive home and schedule around what really matters! 


Family Archives 101

Today's homes are filled with multiple generations of stuff, including large collections of family photos, papers and memorabilia. How does one deal with this complicated collection and preserve the most important items? Family Archives 101 teaches you the basics of how to work through this collection, identify what needs to be saved, and provides resources for the best methods of preservation.

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Workplace Harmony

Space ownership, work flow and different communication styles can clutter a workplace and impede movement and productivity. In this workshop, Jes offers practical tips to overcome these challenges and optimize productivity and happiness in your work environment.


The Heart of the Matter

Helping parents to declutter and downsize can be a delicate and emotional undertaking.  Jes Marcy, archivist and clutter coach, offers practical tips on how to preserve family history and relationships, and help parents let go during periods of transition.


Vision Boarding for Measuarable Change

Vision boarding is a powerful manifesting tool that anyone can use. Jes will guide you through the process of figuring out where you are today, where you want to go in the future, and specifically how to get there. Participants leave with customized mini-vision boards.

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