Miracle Mornings and Vision Boards

September 08, 2017


It is possible to have a morning without stress! 


Imagine waking up and not dreading it. 

Imagine starting your day with time carved out just for you.

Imagine a less stressful morning.

Imagine setting an intention everyday.


Imagine if your morning set you up for success everyday...


Join me for this inspiring workshop that covers one of the most influential practices I've incorporated into my life: Miracle Mornings. I didn't come up with these practices but I am forever grateful that they found their way into my life and I am so excited to share them with you.  


Miracle mornings are a specific method for setting up your day for success.  The process is simple and customizable and incredibly effective.  I'll share my tips and tricks that I've learned over the past 2 years and also my favorite apps and websites to support your practice.


After discussing how to incorporate elements of a Miracle Morning into your life we will get to work supporting your practice with the creation of Vision Boards (and a few other fun activities)!  This is a hands-on workshop and you will leave with all the tools you need to start making positive changes everyday!


Suggested contribution: $20/person

Start time: 7:30 pm

Location: 6281 Johnston Road, Albany

Decluttering Toolbox

September 10, 2017


Are you interested in hiring a professional organizer but not ready to invite one into your home?   This workshop is for you!

This workshop will empower you with key principles of decluttering and organizing that will equip you to make real progress in your home: 

  • where to get started

  • what order to work in

  • how to tackle the big problem areas

  • how to maintain your organized space forever

You can have a home that feels peaceful and functional.  The time to start is now.

12pm - 4pm

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